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Welcome to Well Active
What is Well Active?
Well Active helps young people and adults with learning, physical or long-term health needs to live an active lifestyle. It promotes opportunities in and around Cannock Chase and more areas will be included soon!

With the support of you, carers, businesses and organisations, working together, it aims to increase and develop local opportunities and information, to enable access and equality. This resource has been designed and created by the community it aims to support.
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Walking is the very best form of exercise for all round health and wellbeing. Just doing 20minutes a day can help to reduce many health risks by half. If you walk in a natural environment, it increases the benefits even more like reducing blood pressure. You control your walks and the pleasure you get from them. Why not make them interesting by setting a challenge, take photos on route, or do a spot and find quiz. There are many routes which are wheelchair friendly across the district.
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